Feature Rich

In today's competitive market, it is not nearly enough to merely store and retreive data. As a business owner you need to be able to take charge of your data, and make it work for you. Groomer's Advantage recognizes this, and provides you with a multitude of features to help you run your business smarter, and more efficiently.

Features such as Most Popular Pet Breeds, Total Active Clients, Total Active Pets, and Rank by Dollars will help you determine your client base, while features such as Yearly Trend, and Compare Dates will help you determine when your business is at its peak.

Other features such as Average Price will allow you to quickly search historical data to calculate the average cost of an appointment for any breed entered into the system.

These features, as well as the many others included in Groomer's Advantage, will give your business the advantage over your competition.

Standard Features Include

Daily and Monthly Appointment Callendar View Detailed Invoicing
Detailed Client Card Appointment Reminder Call List
Advanced Reporting

Fully Customizable

The ability to fully customize software to meet your needs is one of the most important features found in a software package. Groomer's Advantage provides you with this powerful feature, allowing you to customize almost every aspect of the software with ease.
Using the Setup screen during the initial installation of the software or at any time afterwards, you can customize Groomer's Advantage to suit your changing needs.
Customizations Include

  • Company Information
  • Store Hours
  • Customized Client Cards
  • Tax Setup
  • Standard Pet Warnings
  • Special Identifiers
  • Customizable Breeds Listing
  • Customizable Pet Colors
  • Customizable Pet Sizes
  • Add Multiple Groomers / Bathers
  • Vacation & Holiday Scheduling
  • Custom Screen Colors

Large easy to find Selection Buttons

The navigation buttons used in Groomer's Advantage are accessible from all of the main screens. The large, easy to find buttons allow you to move quickly between the various screens, allowing you to spend more time grooming, and less time navigating.

Advanced Searching Capabilities

Groomer's Advantage provides you with two methods to quickly find the information you are looking for. The optional Quick Search Bar allows you to quickly find clients and pets with a few quick mouse clicks. The advanced search utility allows you to search for clients and pets using a variety of methods such as breed, phone number, or partial name.

Adding Appointments Quickly and Easily

Groomer's Advantage takes pride in how quick and easy it is to schedule your appointments. Scheduling an appointment takes a few seconds to do, and is performed with a few quick mouse clicks. To schedule an appointment, simply select the client, double click on the time slot you want and you're done. Groomer's Advantage will even keep track of the number of hours scheduled for any given day.               

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